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Pray for outreach through media in the UK

The battle of the billboards and gospel ads continues. Our opposition continually complains to the Advertising Standards Authority (a government regulatory agency) about our billboards and gospel ads in the media. The ASA has upheld us thus far, but we are awaiting a decision from them on March 4. A decision in our favor would mean we won't have additional hoops" to jump through in making the messiahship of Jesus known through secular media in the UK.

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Meet Our New Missionaries

Our 2004 class of missionary trainees just completed their ten-day orientation at our San Francisco headquarters and now they are headed for New York City where they will begin to learn the missionary craft. Our regular newsletter will feature more about these newnicks in March, but they really could use your prayers NOW as the life of a trainee is very intense. Pray for: Micha Cohen, second generation Jewish believer, and son of missionaries Steve and Jan Cohen (who served on our staff for some 20 years) and Micha's wife Leah, also a second generation Jewish believer, and daughter of missionaries Peter and Laura Gittlen, with Wycliffe Bible Translators Nadav Ben-Guri, a South African Jewish believer via Israel, and Charmaine, Nadav's wife, also from South Africa Richard Muller, a Jewish believer from Canada, his wife Lynda and their two sons, Aaron and Ethan Gregory Furman, a Jewish believer from Chernovtsy, Ukraine and Valerie Bouaziz, a French Jewish believer who has been living in Israel To see a group shot go to:

Pray for a good adjustment to life in New York, good concentration on their studies and that God will bless them with physical and spiritual health in this new phase of their lives.

Real Time Photo Gallery: Wertheim B'nai Mitzvah

Congratulations to the Wertheim family as they celebrate the B'nai Mitzvah of their daughter Rose and son Josh.
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Staff News

Mazel Tov to Ben Wertheim and Jenny Kaye on their engagement! They both work at our San Francisco headquarters. Ben is in our shipping department (some of you will know his parents, long-time missionaries Steve and Janie-sue). Ben and Jenny are planning a June wedding.

Mazel Tov to Chad and Kathleen Elliott who were wed on Dec. 17, 2005. David Brickner officiated at the ceremony. Chad is part of our Los Angeles missionary staff.

Mazel Tov to Joshua, Delphine and Ilan Turnil on the birth of their daughter/baby sister Lilya on December 26. What a great Christmas/Hanukkah present! Joshua Turnil is the director of our work in Paris, France.

With sorrow and rejoicing, we announce the home-going of one of our staff members, Debbie Sichel. Debbie worked with our Department of Mobile Evangelism from her home in Coarsegold, California. She passed unexpectedly on January 3, 2006 from a coronary embolism following a routine knee surgery. We rejoice that she is in the presence of the Lord, but she will be missed sorely by family and friends. Please keep the Sichel family in your prayers.

Likewise, please pray for Connie Pardue, the bus driver on the current Liberated Wailing Wall team. Her dad died on Saturday morning, January 7th. He too, is with the Lord.

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Staff News

Mazel Tov to Chad Elliott, leader of the current Liberated Wailing Wall, on his engagement to Kathleen Byrd!

Chad Elliott and Kathleen Byrd
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Real Time Photo Gallery: Zechariah Dylan Olson

Welcome to the newest member of the Olson family!
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Senior Staff Meets to Discuss Serious Matters and then Celebrate the Apostle Paul's Birthday

The Jews for Jesus Council (and advisory committee to the executive director) meet for three days, three times a year in San Francisco. Other senior staff, while not voting members of the Council, join for times of teaching and discussion. They review applications for staff positions, discuss policies and events pertaining to Jewish evangelism and go over various other agenda items.

The most recent meeting was last week. One highlight was having Tuvya Zaretsky, who just received his Doctorate of Missiology degree from Western Seminary, give a lesson based on his dissertation. He summarized his pre-evangelistic study on the challenges that Jewish-Gentile couples face and what that means for those of us looking to reach them with the gospel. We were all excited to see how Tuvya's findings will help us to minister to many of the mixed couples we encounter, as they often call Jews for Jesus hoping to find some common spiritual ground.

With so much time sitting in meetings and discussions, we have a tradition of going out on the streets the second day for a sortie (tract-passing expedition). With so many of our staff gathered in one place, we are able to saturate the city of San Francisco, from the financial district to the Castro, a center for the gay community. It's always refreshing to be able to witness in the midst of our meeting time, and to remember that all our discussions and deliberations are to better equip us to reach the lost.

At the end of our meeting on Friday, the Council and attending senior staff joined with our headquarters staff to celebrate the Apostle Paul's birthday. Well, actually, this birthday" is a floating Jews for Jesus holiday. Once every year or two we gather for a picnic, a time of fellowship and food and flying kites. We joke that we are celebrating the Apostle's birthday because it is not an official holiday and we don't do it on the same date every year. Anyway, it's a great time to enjoy one another and the Lord, and it's a fun time for family as well. If you want to see some pics of the Jews for Jesus *mishpochah* (family) go to:

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Massah South America


The group arrived in Lima, where they spent a few days preparing for Cusco (also spelled Cuzco), which seems to draw most of the Israeli trekkers who come to Peru.

When they got to Cusco, Aaron (one of the Massahniks) reported, Our team arrived after a 22-hour bus ride from Lima. We are currently staying in a hostel which is packed with Israelis—all the signs in the hostel are written in Hebrew. We know God will open doors to speak to these Israelis about Y'shua. We are letting people know when we meet them that we are a group of Israeli believers in Y'shua. Surprisingly, they are usually open and still choose to spend time with us. I was invited by some Israeli guys to go bungee jumping with them. I don't think I will take them up on this, but I hope to go river rafting with them next week. It's great to spend quality time with them while also sharing Y'shua. We have many Hebrew New Testaments with us that we also hope people will want to read.

This Friday is Yom Kippur, the day of fasting and asking for forgiveness for all our sins. I pray that God will point [our fellow Israelis] to His Word and to Y'shua, the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. It is not a coincidence that we will be with them during this High Holiday season when they will be learning about God and seeking Him. Even a lot of the very secular Israelis fast on Yom Kippur, and almost everyone honors this solemn day.

Yom Kippur

Team leader Daniel wrote, "We attended the meal before the fast with about 200 Israelis and got to witness to around twelve Israelis and share with them. God has been giving us many opportunities. Please pray that He will work in the lives of those we've talked to and that He'll continue to provide us with people who want to know about Y'shua."


Daniel went with three others to La Paz, Bolivia where he said, "We got to witness to a ton of people. One of the Israelis we met, Shani, was feeling sick, so one of our teammates prayed for her. She immediately felt better and was interested in hearing about our beliefs. We talked to her about Jesus for about an hour. She was very open and took a New Testament."

Strike in Cusco!

On September 21, team member Eli wrote, "The region of Cusco, Peru is on strike! Due to water infrastructure problems the whole area has closed down in protest. Three of our team members are stuck near Machu Picchu and are trying alternative ways to get back here. Many of the Israelis here have had to postpone their plans. Please pray for the five of us here in Cusco and the three that are in Machu Picchu as we continue to share living waters. Last night as I was on the Internet people kept asking me about our faith and ways. May God continue to provide these types of opportunities. Let the blind see, oh God."

The strike didn't last too long, and the group reunited in Cusco. Before long, they split up again. Four of the guys joined a group of eight other Israelis for a three-day trip on horseback around a mountain area. They spent quality time discussing who Jesus is and how He's changed their lives, and were excited to share "the whole gospel" with their new friends.

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Campaign Stories from Israel

Valery reports, "God always provides us with innovative ways of evangelism, but for me, [how to do] evangelism through a blue tooth transmitter* was unclear.  When I had the transmitter in the mall, I prayed, 'Lord, please open my eyes so I can see the fruit of my work, and why I am going here and there in the mall and it seems like I am doing nothing.' Immediately after the prayer, I noticed many people began to look at their cell phones instead of looking at the merchandise for sale.  Their faces changed.  Some people were happy getting a message, but some were upset and angry.  Observing the people, I was praising God that any work for Him is never in vain.  Hallelujah!" 

[*We were able to transmit a text message to people's cell phones asking if they wanted to receive a message from Jews for Jesus.]

Avigail reports, "I was sitting in a caf? with a transmitter and I heard a woman at an adjacent table react to getting the transmission to her cell phone.  'I just got a text message from Y'shua!' she exclaimed!

"While phoning, I connected with a man who had many questions after having seen our banners. When he found that I was 27, he replied, 'What sin could you have?  You have your whole life ahead of you!'  I explained that we all have sinned and need forgiveness.  He asked if my life was boring and why I didn't travel like many other people my age.  I told him that I wasn't bored; that I had joy because I was free from sin and I travel everywhere and tell people what Y'shua has done for me.  He asked me to send the New Testament as well as the Y'shua book. 

"I spoke to another man whose whole family perished in the Holocaust.  At first he didn't know what to think about the New Testament. I shared many prophecies from the Tanakh and how Jesus fulfilled them and his heart opened up—by the end of the conversation he wanted to receive and read the New Testament for himself.

"I spoke with a religious woman who said, 'What is this Y'shua?  I believe only in Torah!' We had a long conversation and she ended up asking for the Y'shua book.  When I checked the number I had dialed, it did not match the number I had intended to call from the phone book—I had dialed the number completely wrong, but it was the person the Lord wanted me to call!

"I also connected with two people who were thrilled to hear from me, each had been hoping someone would call to offer him/her the New Testament.  One also said he would welcome a visit with someone to talk about Y'shua. I even spoke to a Torah teacher who wanted to receive the Y'shua book and to use it teach her whole class!"

Anna Marie reports, "After an hour of walking on the hot beach, my campaign partner and I were exhausted so we prayed.  A thought came to me.  'Look here, Casey. Some seed is ready to be planted and there is definitely some fruit that needs to be picked.  Let's just pray that the Lord keeps us away from the bad soil as we plant the seed that we want to plant.' 

"Just then I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.  A couple I had met the week before greeted me with great excitement. 'Karen!  David!' I said. 

'You remembered our names!' they replied.

'Yes! We have been praying for you!' -Karen is not yet a believer. I prayed for her eyesight and the salvation of her husband.  They were so glad to run into us again and were looking forward to speaking to Yarden, a Jews for Jesus missionary who had already called them to follow-up.  The husband, who had not seemed open before, was now asking about a Messianic congregation.  He also said he was halfway through the book we'd sent, and that it was really good.  Keep praying for Karen and David!"

Casey reports, "Last week at our noon sortie, (tract-passing expedition) we met a young Jewish man named Daniel.  He was from Ohio, where I grew up, so that gave us a lot in common.  He gave his contact information to receive the book we're offering.  I have seen him twice since then, and he added me as his friend on Facebook.  Today, we were in the same spot for a sortie and he was excited to see us and let us know that he got the book! We had a long chat about the gospel and many world events.  Then he said, 'Hey, I saw some people with your organization holding a big banner last night at around midnight.  I wonder who it was?'  'It was us!' I exclaimed.  'No way!  That's so cool!' he said, and promised that the next time he sees us he will have read the book.

"In Ramat HaSharon, I approached a man sitting in the shade under a tree and began speaking to him about the gospel.  He was a Buddhist from Nepal and he looked very sad.  He told me how depressed and frustrated he was, and he had no one to talk to.  I told him he could always talk to God, but right now his sin burden was separating him.  He was carrying burdens he was never meant to carry.  As I spoke, his eyes were welling up with tears.  He kept looking away so I would not see.  I began sharing how he could have a relationship with God.  He told me his family was telling him to meditate.  I said, 'It's not working is it?'  He said, 'No.' I asked him if he wanted to enter into God's peace.  He said, 'Yes,' and he prayed the prayer of salvation with me.  He wants to enter into fellowship and receive as many materials as we can send him."

Francoise reports, "We met a group of young women serving in the Israeli army.  One was particularly interested and we talked to her as the others listened.  We explained about the book we were offering, and the first girl eagerly signed up to receive it.  Her friends then followed—five of the six asked to receive the book.

"We were at a street fair when a young man approached us and we offered to send him a copy of the Y'shua book.  His father had encountered us just the day before, so he was already interested and ready sign up to receive the book.  The efforts of the whole team are having an impact.

"I want to ask prayer for salvation for Dalit and Rhona who were extremely open when I witnessed to them. They were so sweet that they wanted to stay in touch with me by Facebook."

Natasha reports, "I always pray that God will bring me to those people who need to meet Him.  That is how I met a 20-year-old who was open to the gospel.  She told me that her mother was a believer who attended a congregation.  She gave me her mother's contact information as well as her own. 

"During a clipboard outreach in Herzylia Pituach, I approached a woman sitting by the walkway smoking.  She shared that she has a lot of problems in her life.    I told her that God could solve the problems in her life and I offered to pray for her.  She said, 'Okay,' and after I prayed she responded by saying that she felt like God had sent me to her.  She seemed very open to the gospel and I invited her to pray a prayer of repentance.  She replied, 'Send me the book first and I will consider it.'  Please pray for Susie!"

Jonathan reports, "As I spoke to a family on the beach, one of the men said, 'I know you guys.  My company makes your banners!'  I spoke to him for a few minutes.  He wouldn't give his contact information, because he said knew he us anyway.  His brother came up, however, and gave his contact information."

Jeremiah reports, "We were doing a music sortie at Herzylia north beach.  A couple of times when I stopped playing my guitar people approached me and I found myself in conversations, getting contact info from people who wanted the book.

"I was talking to a gentleman at the beach who worked at an educational institution.  I asked him if he wanted a New Testament and he said, "Sure".  He said, 'I'm not only going to read it, I'm going to put it in the library at the school so everyone else can read it too!'"

Karol reports, "A guy came up to us as we were handing out tracts and said, 'I met one of your people last week, have already received the New Testament and have started reading it!'"

Laura reports, "Two teams were calling this morning.  I have a loud voice so another campaigner, Marcel, heard me taking a contact and recognized the man's name!  He ran over and asked to speak to him.  Marcel had shared the gospel with this man in Holland ten years ago! They had exchanged information but Marcel lost his address.  The man remembered meeting Marcel and they exchanged information and planned to meet again!"

Heather reports, "I went to speak in Hebrew to three elderly women sitting on a bench.   One of them, Sarah, was interested in the book about Y'shua.  Her Filipina health care aide asked me in English what I was speaking to her about.  I explained about the book and asked if she would like one as well and she said, 'Yes.'  Just then four of her friends who also worked as aides came and said they also would like the book, and that they would read it to the people they cared for. Pray for the salvation of these women."

Ze'ev reports, "Religious groups opposing the gospel tried to pressure the website carrying our ads to remove them, but to no avail.  In fact, I received a telephone call from another popular website in Israel that saw our ads and made us an extremely attractive offer to advertize on their site as well—and we took it!  Thank you again for your prayers.  God is definitely using you in a mighty way as we continue to spread the gospel in the Sharon area and throughout Israel.  Hallelujah!"


The Y'shua book that seekers have been ordering through our BYG Israel campaigns is an easy to understand primer showing how Jesus is predicted in the Hebrew Scriptures. Click here if you are interested in purchasing your own copy of the original (English) version by Moishe Rose.

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R U Opinionated?

Did you know that the Jews for Jesus website is an easy and fun place to share your opinions? We frequently change our front page" to stimulate discussion on a variety of spiritual topics. All kinds of people respond, including Jewish people who do not believe in Jesus. You can enter into dialogue with believers and unbelievers by leaving your comments on our website. Go to:

You will not only find a flash animation and a free downloadable testimony of an Israeli, but you will also see feature articles where you can leave your comments and/or interact with other people's comments. Join the fun and check back every couple of weeks to see what is new!

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